Aviator Game : Top online casino game 2023

Aviator Game is a new, highly profitable social multiplayer mini game with an increasing curve that may crash anytime. It was created in January 2019 by Spribe in Great Britain. It is a recent addition by BetWinner and turns out to be highly profitable where each user is almost guaranteed to earn big. If you are someone who enjoys online casinos and gambling games, the Aviator is worth a shot! In this article, we will discuss the game, its pros and cons, its history, and other essential aspects of the game. 

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Aviator Slot Game By Spribe 

Aviator is a simple yet famous crash game where you prevent your aircraft from crashing. The higher you go, the bigger you win. It is one of the most popular games from Spribe and was released in 2019. The design is straightforward, and the graphics are not very grand. Yet the game still does not fail to provide thrilling and exciting gameplay.

Aviator Game RTP, Volatility, And Max Win 

Aviator Game has an excellent RTP value. RTP value is the number of funds a user can get back from the total amount of funds he bet. With low to medium volatility, Aviator has become a fan favorite. Volatility is the term used to calculate and analyze the risk of losing a bet. The max win for the Aviator game is high. 

Aviator Game Specs And Statistics 

Now that you know the general gaming terms let’s get deeper into the game and look at its specifications. 

Max Win at Aviator Game

The Aviator game has a high max win. The highest amount a user can earn on a single play is 10000$ (8742 €). A high max win attracts a lot of users and makes the experience more exciting.  

Return To Player (RTP) of Aviator Casino Game

Aviator game has a return to player value of 97%. If simplified, it means that on a bet of 100 €, you should earn back 97 €. A high RTP value indicates that almost every player is guaranteed to earn, to varying degrees, of course.

Volatility / Variance

The Aviator game has low to medium volatility. This implies that the risk of losing a bet is low. Therefore, each user is almost guaranteed to earn. All a user needs to do is cash out before the lucky plane flies off the screen.

Aviator Pros Vs. Cons 

Like many online betting games, the Aviator game comes with its pros and cons. The game is loaded with features and almost guarantees every user to earn big. On the other hand, it has many disadvantages and risks as well. Here are the pros and cons of Aviator:

Pros Of Aviator Game

The aviator game is loaded with unique features and provides superior user gameplay. It is prevalent among the masses and promises big wins to all players. Here are some advantages of Aviator

  1. Live Betting

The best and most sought-after feature of this game is live bets. You can look at the bets placed by other players, their coefficients, and even their winnings. Collect and analyze this data and understand the game better to earn more,chat with other players and experience social multiplayer gameplay with unique features. You are allowed to place two bets at once.

  1. Free Betting

Are you looking to try out the game and learn how it works without putting your actual money into it? It allows you to place free bets. The free version will enable you to experience the platform without putting in any real money. You can enjoy the game for free!

  1. Rain Promo

The claim button in the game allows you to claim free bets from other players. Players can make it “Rain” in the chat by choosing an amount and the number of drops. It is a unique feature and indeed makes the experience more entertaining.

Cons Of Aviator

Like all online gambling games, Aviator game also comes with risks and disadvantages. Even though Aviator is highly popular and loved by many for its features, here are some cons of the game:

  1. Limited Support

Even though this game is top-rated and in demand, it is only supported by a few gambling sites. The user needs to look for the best online casinos that support this game.

  1. Restricted Gaming 

Since it is an online gambling game, most sites restrict some features and only offer a limited experience. It is important to find sites that don’t restrict your experience.

  1. Risks

The game does not have a bad reputation among the masses and is termed safe to play. Any online gambling game has risks like losing money, gaming addiction, etc. If a user is careful and plays responsibly, they can enjoy a good playing experience.

Spribe – Aviator Game Developer 

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Spribe is one of its kind betting game developer based in Kyiv. It was established in the year 2018. Spribe develops a mix of traditional and modern games. Turbo games are the term used for these. Two factors set Spribe apart from other developers. 

Firstly, a cryptographic technology called Provably Fair is used by the developers. This technology guarantees ultimate transparency to the user’s in-game results. Since there is no third-party interference, the results cannot be altered. The other factor is the presence of engagement tools that introduce social elements and turns players into a community. 

Mobile gaming is highly popular. Spribe has made it possible for users to enjoy their favourite games on their smartphones and tablets. Spribe works with both android and iOS, making it a favourable choice for users.

Games And Software By Spribe

Aviator is Spribe’s main game that people play. Apart from Aviator, there’s a fantastic collection of games and software under spribe. The turbo games under spribe include the following names: Mini Roulette, Fortune Wheel, Mines, Russian Poker, Dice, Keno, Blackjack, and Hotline. Several high-end poker games and player-to-player games P2P like Dominoes, Backgammon, Bura, and Seka. 

Best Casinos To Play Online Aviator For Money 

Here are some of the best online casinos to try Aviator for real money. You can decide depending on the features and rewards on the first deposit they provide.

Rabona Casino Aviator

Rabona is an excellent sportsbook with all the classic features. You can enjoy exceptional features and easily enjoy the Aviator game for real money. A user gets many bonus rewards at random times, including Rabona, free spins, and the special promo feature adds more anticipation.

Bitcasino.io Aviator Casino

Bitcasino.io Casino is another great bookmaker where you can play Aviator with real money. There is no welcome bonus offered. However, users can claim other bonus prizes as they play. Your winnings won’t be subjected to wagering requirements.

Casinia Casino Aviator

It is one of the best online Russian bookmakers. You can easily play Aviator here with actual money and win. Users can claim multiple bonuses and enjoy a fun playing experience.

Wintika Aviator Casino

Another excellent gambling platform where you can play Aviator. You can claim a match bonus of 200% up to 200 €. But it comes with a 35x wagering requirement.

Wazamba Aviator Casino

Wazamba Casino is another grand casino to play Aviator with real money. It is a fantastic choice with many prizes and free spins for users. Claim and enjoy your experience!

Attention! Play Aviator Responsibly 

Even though Aviator game is relatively low-risk and easy to play, one can never be too cautious. The general risks of gambling apply to the Aviator platform too. For example, losing funds and addiction can be severe problems. But, if you play responsibly and cautiously, you can have a fantastic gaming experience.

Aviator Rules And Gameplay 

The gameplay and rules are pretty simple and easy to understand. An airplane takes off and flies with a rising coefficient. The win multiplier starts from 1x and can increase in value up to infinity. The only rule is to pay out at the right moment before the lucky plane leaves. When the round begins, the bets placed by players are added to the server seed, and the coefficient is calculated. 

Your wager gets doubled by the rising coefficient that your plane flew with. Suppose you fail to pay out before the lucky plane passes away. The goal is to find the proper payout where you neither miss out on big rewards nor lose because of going over the limit.

How To play Aviator Game

Aviator Game Theme And Storyline 

The theme, as the name suggests, is aviation. A plane takes off when the round starts in each play. You maneuver through and enjoy the world of flying. If that wasn’t very interesting, you can also gain cash while enjoying that. The unique gameplay experience and simple graphics make the platform very interesting and fun. Aviarace tournaments also allow users to have fun and enjoy more!

Comparison Of Slot Machines Aviator

aviator strategy

Aviator slot is a straightforward and different type of game compared to other slot machines. The rules and features are simple to understand. All users need to decide and wager a payout when they’re ready. A unique but straightforward gaming experience becomes enjoyable where it’s almost guaranteed for you to earn big. The game also allows you to check the history of your biggest winnings and what other players have won.

You don’t need a special PC or Laptop to access the game. You can even run it on your phone or tablet. HTML5 technology is employed in this slot, making it compatible with multiple devices and operating systems. Certified online gaming platforms are recommended for playing aviator slots. 

History And Versions Of Aviator Game

Aviator was under development for quite some time. Spribe tried and made versions of a new kind for Aviator until they got to the latest one. The graphics, the sound, and the features were all constantly being improved to get the desired feeling for the game. Until the version by spribe was launched, the game underwent many changes. The new generation Aviator that you know today results from various versions corrected and made better over the years.

Graphics, Sounds, and Animations 

The graphics and animations of the game are pretty simple. The sound design makes the game even more fun to play. Simple yet highly engaging gameplay gives you a fantastic experience. The game works perfectly and has been put together so well it makes up for the lack of braggy and grand graphics.

Final Verdict Aviator Game

Aviator offers unique yet straightforward gameplay. This factor, added with the almost certainty of winning, makes the game a perfect gambling experience. It is one of the most incredible games out right now.

It has live betting, making it rain, and chatting features. These features provide a very fulfilling community experience. Simple rules, an RTP of 97%, and low volatility make this game ideal for playing and enjoying!

Try Other Aviator Free Games

If you love Aviator and are looking for some similar games to play, here are some options for you:

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Zeppelin, a game by Betsolutions, is also similar to Aviator. It starts from zero and goes up to infinity, and users have to cash out before it’s too late.

Reviews By Players 

Almost all the reviews about Aviator game revolved around the fact that the gameplay is exciting and straightforward. A lot of users pointed out that winning was easy and enjoyable. Playing in BetWinner was also a highly appreciated factor by users. Overall, the users seem to love the game and have not encountered any significant issues that might repel them from playing it. All the users seemed confident and happy about winning and enjoyed the game.

Meet the Author 


Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions about Aviator.

What makes Aviator game so popular?

Aviator is highly popular among fans due to its simplicity and exciting gameplay. Its unique features and winning easy money attract a large number of people. 

Can I play Aviator game online?

Yes, You can play aviator online on various sites that support the game, like Rabona Casino, Bitcasino.io Casino, Casinia Casino, Wintika Casino, Wazamba Casino, and many more.

Can I have Aviator game on my mobile?

Yes, Aviator can be played on your mobile too. The HTML5 used by the developers at Spribe makes it possible to access the game from any device.

Can I play for free?

Yes, If you want to test the game and learn how it works, you can play it for free.  The play-free feature allows you to learn and enjoy the game without depositing real funds in the demo version. Once you get a good grip on the game, you can start winning real cash.

What is different between Aviator and other casino games?

Aviator is very different from other gambling games. The rules and features are straightforward to grasp and understand. The honesty of the game is loved by many people since there are no third parties involved—the results are fair and not altered.

How much can I win?

With a max win of 10000$ (8742 €) on a play, there is no limit on the amount of cash you can earn.

Can I play with a bonus?

Yes, many sites offer a starting bonus and free spins. You can choose a site according to your liking and enjoy it to its fullest.

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